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Advantages of Landwell Key Cabinet

What is intelligent key-tag?

Fix the key-tag in a one-time lead sealingbuckle via RFID Tag Identification Technology, it changes to a intelligent keywith intelligent key-tag.

What is intelligent key managementsystem?

I-keyboxintelligent key management system of Landwell adopts advanced, easy-operation,flexible and powerful RFID technology to provide keys and items intelligentmanagement solution, this has been proved effective by the use of industriesand applied all over the world.

Components of Intelligent key managementsystem

Five parts:

Intelligent key cabinet body

Intelligent key cabinet body adopts solidsteel housing and intelligent control system, so it can ensure the keys safetylike a safe box.

RFID Intelligent Key-tag

Because of a built-in RFID intelligent chipin the RFID Intelligent Key-tag, it has a memory function of the keeping keys.

The keys are fixed in a one-time leadsealing buckle, so it can not be taken out and replaced. If users need toreplace the keys in it, must use a specialized tool to break the leadsealing, ensure the keys safety.

IntelligentControl Module

Intelligent control module is consisted ofindividual CPU\flash storage\ Radio frequency induction coil\ Electric mortiselock etc. Mainly used for electronic label identification and record theworking data through driving the electric mortise lock.

Intelligentcontrol terminal

Intelligent control terminal indicates withLCD, waterproof touch screen, it has 3 ways to indentify users which are usingcard, password, and fingerprint, especially fingerprint is used for onlybiological identification, and it can be signal or multi verified.


Powerful key management software can mangekeys and users, and also for the system itself, in case of inconvenient use onsite,the keys management can be controlled remotely.

Whatare the applications?

Any place where there are keys need to bemanaged. Office buildings, hotels, vehicles, libraries, laboratories, stadiums,schools, industry users as military affairs, railways and transportations,powers, food processing, logistics and storage etc.  

The meaning of intelligent key management

It is time to use intelligent key system.

As a part of access system, and also a supplementto it, key management achieved what access system can’t replace, to be able toidentify users and share user card at the same time

Key management system is a vital tool tothose who use locks to secure things, as the technology developing, accesscontrol are used to manage people, but there are still some defects, the usersof the keys are unclear, easily mixed and confused, no way to trace, control isnot strict enough. These can cause unnecessary loss. in order to prevent thesesecurity risk from happening, I-key box uses intelligent methods to identifyusers and keys, control the key using time, record the status of each key foreveryone, keys are used as required, even incidents happened, there will bedata to track down.

.Only authorized users can get the keys

.Easy to track the status of keys,convenient to print out reports

.Can use mobile, tablet etc internet toolsto authorize keys remotely

.No one needs to be on duty to inspect, keyscan be used at anytime

.Lower risk, strengthen management, no onetouches company assets without permission

.Increase work efficiency, save cost, peoplewho has the key can be found instantly

.Keys are lost, easy to search timely

.Reduce the loss of accidents, increase thepower of management

What are the differences between Landwellintelligent key cabinet and others?

First of all,landwell intelligent tags cantrack the status for each key, additional alarms can be triggered if keys arenot used correctly. Other manufacturers remains at the phase of keeping keys,just like a simple access control for the keys. but not able to track, identifyor control.

Why choose intelligent key cabinet?  

Landwell provides a whole set of keymanagement solution, seal the regular keys with our RFID tags, and insert it inthe key slots, only authorized people can use it

No need to worry about losing keys, thestatus of keys are clear..a complete self-serve system, no need to have someoneto ensure the use of keys, avoiding the no keeper,no keys embracement from happening,holidays, meetings, business trips etc, nothing will affect the use of keysagain

How’s the quality and services?

Landwell intelligent keys managementtechnology is completely cased on its own research, the applied techs areadvanced and reliable, reducing nodes design to ensure the system stability, domesticallyapplied to Shanghai High speed, Beijing subway, American embassy, Mercedes Benz,National museum etc

Pursuing for “zero customer services” hasalways been the basic requirement. From researching to producing, inspecting,everything is strictly controlled.

How’s the Installation?

Landwell will provide door to door servicefor agent, project business, and products training.

Can intelligent management system integratewith other products?

Yes, we are willing to offer dataconnecting or physical connecting (etc) to achieve it.

What can I-key box do?

Lanwell intelligent management key systemhelps you to control the usage of keys. and track and record the status,through I-key box system, your vehicles, buildings, items, properties can beseen and controlled intelligently and effectively, reduces the managementprocedures and increase work efficiency. Administrators can simply click mouseto get to know the keys status accurately!

How’s the expandability of intelligent?

Ikey box standard build-in 48 key slots,requirements within 48 slots can choose 8slots,12slots,24slots,36slots,48slots.over 48 slots will need to expand standardsingle cabinet to get the slots, over 1000 slots reuiqre to expand more controlterminal through TCP/IP to connect the standard cabinet.

What are the differences between ikey boxand supermarket cabinet?

The essential difference is whether thesystem is able to identify the items.

Storage cabinet is based on door access control,can only judge the authorizations for opening doors, but can not inspect onwhat is been stored and taken.

The RFID identification tag for Ikey box isunique. The whole procedure of taking and returning keys will be controlledaccurately, the system is built with TCP/IP tech, and the authorizations can beprocessed remotely which guarantee the complete control even whenadministrators are not around.

How many keys can a Ikey box manage?    

The standard cabinet for Ikey box comeswith 48 slots, any needs less than 48 is compatible with the same cabinet. Oneterminal can be connected with 10 cabinets with 1000 key slots, either chooseto expand the size or customize according to the requirements

Based on the theory of TCP/IP tech, onesystem can be connoted with unlimited terminals.

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