Office Solutions for Small and medium-sized Enterprises

A enterprise or company usually has multiple business departments, such as Administration Department, Financial Department, Operation and Maintenance Department, Logistics Fleet and Security Department.
There are also many office rooms such as Office, Meeting Room, Reception Room, Dining Room and Equipment Repair Room. The key management of these rooms is very complicated, time-consuming and labor-intensive. Many problems are found when using keys:

Where are the keys? Who took the key?
Where’s the key user? Key is lost ?
Where can I put the key?

Key management system provides key management solutions, which can control the whole process of key use, reduce the special person who manage keys, save manpower and management costs, and improve the efficiency of key use.

Key management for Office

Employees of a trading company work in a centralized office and need to work in the same office. The office door key is kept by Mr. Liu, the Department Manager. Every day, Mr. Liu comes to the company in the morning to open the door, and he is the last one to leave and lock the door after work. One day, Mr. Liu was on an urgent business trip and could not come to the company. There is no key to open the door in the morning, and other colleagues in the department could not enter in the office to work. They had to ask the General Manager to find a spare key, that delay the valuable work time of other employees.

Key management cabinets provide key storage, return, and use solutions that can solve this problem. The company can store the office keys in the key management cabinet, administrator register employees as ordinary users in the key cabinet software, and give the office keys access authority. The employee who comes first every morning takes out the key to open the office door. If the key is not returned in time, the key cabinet has an alarm function, it can automatically send an email to the administrator, indicating that the key has not been returned, and the administrator can timely find the person who takes the key. This key becomes the public key of the office, so there is no need to assign someone to keep it, which improves the efficiency of key use and saves time.

Company seal management.

The company’s daily work often requires the use of official seals and other seals, which are usually kept by special personnel. For each use, the name and time of users shall be registered , and sometimes the registration is omitted. That make low work efficiency, increased manpower and workload, as well as management costs.

This problem can be solved by key management cabinet. The official seal or other seal shall be locked in the designated cabinet, and the key shall be kept in the key cabinet. Key cabinet software provides solutions for key storage, key take and return. For example, the key No1 corresponds to the official seal, and the key No2 corresponds to the contract seal, etc., linking the key to the seal solves the problem of the use and management of the company seals. The Administrator of the key cabinet gives a few of Managers the authority to take the key. When it is necessary to use the official seal, the Manager can take the key and take the seal out. After using the key, he put the seal back in time, lock the door of the cabinet and return the key. The key cabinet software automatically records the return date, time and name of the user of the key, generate the key record reports. By the report, the General Manager can truthfully reflect who took away the seal and when to return it, the report of the key becomes the report of the official seal, it not only convenient management, but also save human resources, improve the efficiency of the office.

Vehicle Solutions – Education industry

More and more universities and educational institutions need to provide scalable and cost-effective services to their staff and students.

Universities and educational institutions

Health care organizations in educational institutions are under constant pressure as they face tight deadlines, tight budgets and large staff Numbers. Due to the large number of employees, all of whom have their own work, managing the daily transportation logistics is a challenging and time-consuming job.

With funding tight and people increasingly dependent on services, healthcare fleets are looking for opportunities to reduce costs without compromising the quality of patient care.

Intelligent key management system can help them solve these problems:

Improve the transparency of the use of team keys

Increased visibility into the use of fleet keys enables efficient allocation and retention of Shared vehicles to meet employee or task requirements, and ensures that vehicle keys are securely managed.

Increase efficiency

Reduce the time for employees to find the keys of the fleet, or run across the campus to get the keys and return the vehicles, improve the efficiency of employees, and make the vehicles pass without friction.


Ensure that only authorized personnel can use the fleet vehicles and obtain their permission to operate the reserved vehicles. Ensuring employee safety Whether driving off-campus or working alone, the Smart Key management system helps schools ensure personnel safety, encourages safe driving behavior and notifies managers when unexpected events occur.

Reduce the administrative burden

Reduce the administrative burden of managing the fleet and keys. Unleashing valuable human resources for the really important work on campus.

Reduce the administrative burden

Reduce the administrative burden of managing the fleet and keys. Unleashing valuable human resources for the really important work on campus.

Key management in education

The safety and security of students is a priority for administrators, along with managing tight budgets and ensuring smooth and efficient campus operations.

Time is wasted every day in signing out keys, searching for lost keys, and determining who was responsible.

Contractors do not always understand the value of a master key and the costs associated with rekeying.

Campuses cover large areas with many buildings and are increasingly managed by fewer resources.

Student accommodation requires careful management to ensure safety and privacy.

“The biggest problem is that teachers and school staff don’t know the value of a key, nor the cost of losing a key. The cost of renewing equipment at the university ranges from 180,000 yuan to 210,000 yuan, which is the norm. Not an exception. Schools must also compensate for the "lost" costs of expensive equipment such as computers and cars. Schools are responsible for protecting the safety of students and financial information, but if there is no control over the keys, this will also be due to poor key management and incomplete records and be damaged.

In many cases, the smart key management system is the best choice. Many schools face the same problem, with dozens or more keys floating around, lost, stolen, or missing. If many keys are counted, signed, returned, and tracked through traditional methods, it will make the situation worse. The smart key management system strengthens the control of this. The system will update the key retrieval status in the background in real time, showing who is the last person who retrieved the key, which is convenient for timely tracking"

How does it work

Keys are stored and controlled in the electronic key cabinet. Each cabinet is centrally managed through our KeySecure software giving administrators the ability to decide exactly who can access the keys, when and for how long. Users are finally accountable for their keys because every transaction is automatically recorded.


Contractors no longer need to waste time travelling to a central point to sign out a master key only to travel across the campus again to complete their work. Keys can be strategically arranged so that sub masters are secured in the necessary buildings. This increases operational efficiency and reduces the risk of losing a grand master.

In conclusion:

Manage all keys from the central security office.

Increase safety and security.

Eliminate the risk of costly re-keying.

Hospital Solutions - Key Management System for hospital

At present, many hospitals’ pharmacies and wards do not pay enough attention to the medicines management. The medicines are not classified and kept which can not find the one who is charge for them; the key management personnel of the medicine storage area opens the door at will to get the medicines needed; the medicines management is not paid enough attention which it is possible that medications are lost due to negligence in management, taking incorrect medications, etc.; some nursing staffs use traditional mechanical key systems to manage medications, so it may be difficult to track who is using the key now and will often waste too much to to find him. Of course, unauthorized entry into pharmacies can also bring serious financial and security risks.

A few days ago, the drug management staff of a hospital talked about their distress before using our device:

"Our staff take medicines to patients according to the medicine list. It often happens that the key of the medicine storage cabinet cannot be found or is confused with the keys of other medicine cabinets. If you ask, noboday knows where the key is , even can’t find out who used the key and who is the last user, so they have to spend a lot of time looking for the key or finding the right key. Finally it caused the patients are not able to get the medicines quickly and have to wait for a long time. We often receive complaints and lower work efficiency and so on . In addition, the staff may neglect to take the wrong medicine occasionally which causes serious consequences."

But Keylongest smart key management system solves all the above problems!

The system administrator authorizes the nursing staff to open the cabinet door via face recognition, password, swipe card and fingerprint identification within a specific time, and remove the authorized key to take out the corresponding medicine; the key that is not authorized will be locked by the system , and cannot be taken out, so the corresponding medicine cannot be taken; and the nursing staff should return the key to the system within the specified time so that others can take the key and take the medicine.

Later, when a hospital manager was interviewed, he said, "Since we use Landwell intelligent key management system, our work efficiency has been greatly improved. We no longer spend a lot of time looking for keys or finding the correct keys. There has been no mistake for the drug incident.We have never received complaints about our work since then. With the LANDWELL intelligent key management system, our staff will take the key of the corresponding drug storage cabinet within a specified time, and automatically follow it after use. The system prompts to return it to the correct location; if a key cannot be found, the person responsible can be quickly found through the system software, so that the key can be found quickly, which brings great convenience to their work."

High-end hotel solutions

This year’s corona epidemic has brought a great impact to the global tourism and expo industry, especially the hotel industry. The hotel managers are faced with safety issues, how to improve the hotel’s operating efficiency and at the same time impose a commission on the hotel’s service level.

We found that more and more hotel managers began to notice the opportunities and efficiency that smart key lockers brought to them. First of all, the hotel has a lot of keys that need to be managed, to ensure the safety of the keys, and to record the use of the keys in detail. It is not a simple matter for a place such as a hotel with dense personnel and a large number of keys.

Let those with key authority get the keys they need in time. If the key is not in place, you can check who took the key through the mobile phone or the background software. The administrator can send key return reminders in time. The smart key cabinet also has a reservation function, so that the use of keys will be more efficient.

Important keys can also be set to be authenticated by two or more people at the same time, such as management of the cash box. The alarm function of the key cabinet ensures the safe operation of the key cabinet. If you need to say that the key cabinet is powered off and the key is not returned in time, the background software will give an alarm and send an email to the administrator.

Because we can check the circulation of the keys in time, so the safety of the keys is guaranteed. For key users, they will take more care of some hotel facilities. For example, when they use the vehicle, because we can trace the use record at that time, if the vehicle has a problem, we will find out that the key to the vehicle was taken at that time. By organizing the user’s information, ensure that the user conducts an alcohol test before driving. with the entry of the user’s driver’s license, it is ensured that when his driver’s license expires, he cannot go to any car keys.

Passenger boarding used to be a hassle. Now we can manage the room card in the cabinet like a key. Passengers can get the corresponding room card from the key locker in a self-service manner through the SMS received in advance. When you leave the hotel, just swipe your room card on the terminal on the key cabinet. When customers are used to taking the room card from the key locker, this will relieve a lot of pressure on front desk staff. At the same time, it saves passengers from waiting for a long time at the front desk.

Homestay Hotel key solution

The economic development of the hotel is very fast. A well-known small and medium hotel operating company cooperates with small and medium hotels in many cities in Europe, Asia and the United States. Their main feature is to cooperate with many small hotels, through their promotion, travelers book rooms online. This greatly reduces the promotion costs of small hotels.

Because the prices of homestay hotels are low, how to reduce maintenance costs for companies and landlords has always been a problem. The traditional way is for the landlord to welcome the tenant in the house and give the key to the tenant. In this way, sometimes it will affect the landlord's normal work. Many platforms that operate homestays find us and let us help them design a key management system.

After we understood the needs of our customers, we came up with a plan to centrally manage the keys of these houses and put them in the key cabinet. The key locker is placed in a nearby convenience store that operates 24 hours a day. The key cabinet should be online 24 hours a day by adding a mobile phone card. In this way, on the one hand, it will increase the customer traffic of the convenience store and increase its sales, and on the other hand, it will make it convenient for passengers to get the keys. The cleaner of the room can also get the key quickly after the room key is returned.

Many customers have integrated their own software with our key cabinets. They are very satisfied with the operation of the key cabinet.

The homestay has a broad market prospect, the key cabinet is easy to install, does not increase the economic burden of the landlord, and does not need to consider the complicated installation environment. The use of the key cabinet makes the key circulation efficient and safe. This project has a very good demonstration effect. Even if guests do not use smartphones, they can train convenience store personnel to tell them how to verify the key to the room through the customer’s mobile phone number.

Keylongest key cabinet, modular design key position, from 5 to 26 keys can be freely combined. We believe that this product will bring a lot of convenience to the hotel.