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The German Red Dot Designer personally designed our new intelligent key cabinet and gave it a new appearance and structure design. We hope that through our continuous innovation of AI technology and industrial design, we could create high-quality AI intelligent key cabinets that are more in line with modern work and life needs for customers! Our intelligent key cabinets are more suitable for daily office use of small and medium enterprises.
  1. Established in Beijing, China in 1999.
  2. Established RFID Mobile Identification Institute.
  3. LANDWELL launched Bluetooth long-distance intelligent patrol products.
  4. With its outstanding influence in the industry, LANDWELL led the drafting of the "National Industry Standard for Electronic Inspection."
  5. LANDWELL launches i-keybox full range of intelligent key cabinet management system.
  6. LANDWELL has established 16 branches in China to better provide localized services.
  7. The hardware of the LANDWELL smart key cabinet management system is fully upgraded, and the cloud platform management system is launched.
  8. LANDWELL has rapidly developed into a highly competitive enterprise in the global intelligent key cabinet industry.
  9. LANDWELL took the lead in combining the changes in the future development of the intelligent key cabinet market and proposed
    the concept of detailed and grading the market. The levels are the market layout of industrial, smart office, and civil consumption.
  10. Look forward to the future.

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