What's this?

Key management is a big problem!

LANDWELL key management system provides a full range of monitoring measures for all keys and small valuables in your company.
LANDWELL key intelligent management system can control vehicles, buildings, facilities, articles, public properties, etc.effectively, intelligently, clearly, objectively and efficiently , which reduces the management of key issuance by a dedicated person, improves work efficiency, and reducesthe expenditure or management costs. The manager can query key usage information through the computer easily and accurately .


Keep your assets properly

From simple secure storage to enterprise-level control of valuable and sensitive assets


Companies in every industry have very important assets for their own development, and Landwell can help companies manage it. You can find the solutions we provide almost everywhere in the world and in all walks of life.

The Landwell intelligent asset management system is widely used in all walks of life. What customers want is that we can integrate the company system without additional management. And under the solution management provided by Landwell, the smart key management system has become an important tool for enterprises to improve efficiency and simplify the process.
Landwell allows customers to easily manage sensitive assets and at the same time make these assets more valuable to the development of the enterprise.

Multiple Optional

Multiple versions apply to more scenarios

Stand-alone version, intranet version, and online version can be set up according to data confidentiality requirements.

More convenient methods to access, Password, Fingerprint, Face Recognition, RFID card

Smart remote key retrieval

If you are inconvenient, operation on your mobile phone is possible, remotely keys retrieval and assigned others to retrieve the keys for you.

Transparent data management

Open the interface and all the keys'records will be in your hand.

Email function helps you to send a reminder at anytime.

It only takes three steps to achieve cloud management